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eBook: Advancements in Ortho Planning

by SoftSmile Team in Jan 18 2023

A woman or man is only as good as their tools, or so the saying goes. When it comes to orthodontic technology, if these tools can open doors to care and help a clinician provide high-quality treatment, all the better.

One such tool that is quickly infiltrating the dental and orthodontic market is artificial intelligence (AI). While it can be found in every aspect of the dental practice from clinical scanning to practice management, perhaps the most influential, intriguing, and promising orthodontic technology has been in orthodontic digital treatment planning. Dentists are always striving to provide the best orthodontic treatments available, now made easier with top advances in orthodontic technology. Digital 3D planning is another advantageous technological advancement as dentists are able to visualize patients’ oral tissues in more detail by creating a digital model that mimics the real anatomy.

While there are many orthodontic treatment-planning solutions on the market, SoftSmile was created to provide clinicians with access to tools and solutions to create accurate, precise and beautiful smiles, while eliminating the need for third-party service companies. To do this, SoftSmile developed VISION, an advanced digital treatment-planning software that puts the power in the hands of the clinician and enables clinicians to manage workflows they may previously have had to outsource, with the ultimate outcome of making treatment accessible to patients around the world.

Top Advances in Orthodontic Technology

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