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Creating Clear Aligner Workflows with SoftSmile’s VISION Treatment Planning Software

by SoftSmile Team in Mar 14 2024

The orthodontic marketplace of the 21st century is changing at a rapid pace. The traditional ways of caring for patients are quickly being replaced by new technology like chairside intra-oral scanners, in-office 3D printers, and clear aligner fabrication materials. These new developments combined with advances in digital treatment planning software – like SoftSmile’s VISION – have helped make the manufacturing of clear aligners a cost-effective reality for both patients and doctors.

What to consider when creating clear aligner workflows? 

For orthodontists looking to confidently own their treatment planning, the first logical step is to design an orthodontic digital workflow that suits their needs and those of their patients. SoftSmile’s VISION treatment planning software allows doctors to design a clear aligner treatment planning workflow with ease and flexibility. The key steps include:

  • Treatment planning design

Many doctors need to have input into the actual treatment plan. A lot of clear aligner companies use technicians to prepare treatment plans. In some cases, doctors share communication via notes but don’t manage the actual treatment. But now, many doctors want more input and control over treatment planning design that they can manage themselves. VISION gives doctors the level of input and control they want for developing treatment plans.

  • Modification and approval

VISION allows for easy modifications, refinements, and modifications to the treatment plan in contrast to the current process where doctors have to go through lengthy back and forths with technicians. Additionally, doctors can review and modify treatment plans prepared by SoftSmile’s treatment planning service team using the VISION Web Portal.  

  • Manufacturing

In-office 3D printing allows doctors to manufacture their patient’s first aligner in a matter of hours. By using a treatment planning software like VISION, doctors can create a treatment plan within half an hour, print the first model and show the patient what their smile is going to look like, and then have their aligners printed within a day or two.

What is the SoftSmile Digital Treatment Planning Ecosystem?

SoftSmile’s VISION treatment planning software can help integrate the steps above to create the ecosystem needed for workflow success.

SoftSmile has created a flexible and versatile digital treatment planning system that includes the VISION desktop application and VISION Web Portal which integrates with the VISION Web Viewer and Doctor-Facing Application. 

The SoftSmile digital workflow enables users to communicate with all stakeholders in the process: patient, technician, or doctor. All parties are able to share their input and have access to the information necessary to make the best decision for optimal treatment outcomes.  

What is the difference between the VISION desktop application, VISION Web Portal, and VISION Web Viewer and Doctor-Facing Application?

Unlike other offerings, SoftSmile has created an ecosystem for clear aligner workflow management via the VISION Web Portal, which includes the VISION Web Viewer that allows orthodontists and their staff to share treatment plans with patients. Additionally, the VISION Doctor-Facing Application allows doctors to easily review and modify treatment plans. As such, VISION allows doctors to manage the clear aligner workflow in a very efficient manner so that they can communicate with all the stakeholders, including their staff, the patient, or the technician who creates the treatment plan. The VISION Web Portal allows doctors and their staff to seamlessly move a case through each step of the treatment planning process. 

Why chose the SoftSmile Digital Workflow over other solutions?

Unlike many other solutions, the SoftSmile system is open and we enable our customers to choose a set-up that works best for them including options for treatment design, software, materials, manufacturing, and packaging providers. 

Some customers want all the benefits of VISION while others only need some parts of our system. For instance, many of our customers have only integrated the VISION Web Portal into their system rather than the full functionality of VISION. We know our customers want flexibility in terms of pricing, communication, and involvement in treatment planning. We give our customers the power of choice and control over their workflows and treatment planning.

Users of SoftSmile’s digital workflow can also choose to print in-house with VISION's 3D printing integrations or outsource to a lab or other manufacturing partner. 

VISION isn’t simply a treatment planning tool, it is a means to communicate between doctors, patients, and technicians. You can organize your workflow using VISION and create treatment plans if you choose to. 

SoftSmile Offers Workflow Flexibility                                                                                    

We allow doctors to pick and choose what they want: whether they want to do the treatment planning themselves, whether they want to outsource it to us, or whether they want to 3D print or outsource it to a third-party lab.  

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