Transform dental care with VISION

Ensure smooth and reliable aligner treatments with the most accurate and efficient solutions

VISION is an end-
to-end treatment

Digital treatment
plan design

Portal - your
digital concierge

VISION Software

VISION is an end-to-end treatment planner made by doctors for doctors. We've combined art, tech, care, and science to create the best digital planning assistant for doctors and their patients. VISION is designed to make the treatment planning process comfortable, intuitive, and fast.

Let us take
the lead

We'll handle the entire treatment process from start to finish. All you have to do is upload your patient's scans and tell us your preferences.

You'll receive a custom treatment plan next day or sooner. Review and modify treatment plans in the Portal. Share treatment plans with your team or patients with a single click in the Viewer.


Revolutionize your digital dentistry experience and expand your business boundlessly.

Our Portal, an unparalleled digital concierge, allows seamless tracking and management of all your cases. Engage effortlessly with designers, manufacturers, and patients, ensuring precision and satisfaction.

Crafting Aligners

We've got it from here. From crafting custom treatment plans to case export and management, we can manage the entire process. Our team will manufacture and deliver high-quality aligners to you or your patient's door.


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