We make smiles.

Self-learning software assisting the doctors in making the patients smile. By SoftSmile.

Key Features

This unique software was created so that any doctor could employ the best technological advancements without giving away control over the treatment.


Automated Setup

Smart algorithms integrated in Vision automatically prepare an initial setup and add attachments to the particular teeth.


Cloud Infrastructure

All data is stored in Cloud and can be accessible by a doctor from any device.


Ultimate Precision

All algorithms, steps and calculations are based on biomechanics, math and orthodontic principles.


Based on Biomechanics

No more guessing. All steps and calculations are based strictly on actual data about the patient and scientifically proven algorithms.


3D Printing Integration

Vision integrates with any dental printer making 3D printing as easy as never before.


Overall Control

You can make any adjustments to the setup, provided that main bio mechanical rules are complied, at any stage with no involvement from third parties.


Become a SoftSmile trained doctor.

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