The Benefits of Using the VISION Portal

Enhanced Workflow and Customization

Streamline operational efficiency with detailed management of user roles and permissions. Create a tailored and efficient clear aligner production by assigning steps of your workflow to appropriate team members and controlling case statuses. The platform ensures a personalized management experience with quick and effective adjustments to meet business needs.

Improved Communication with Doctors and Patients

Enhance your communication with our WebViewer. Treatment plans can now be shared directly with patients and doctors from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Improve the treatment experience for all stakeholders by ensuring they are well-informed and engaged.

Exclusive Access to Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Users gain exclusive access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools such as CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), Matching capabilities, and Automated T-Marks scheduled for future release. These innovative tools are essential for increasing the accuracy of diagnostics and optimizing treatment planning.

Seamless Integration Across Products

The portal ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow through its seamless integration with the entire product suite, including VISION, DFA, and WebViewer. This integration facilitates streamlined operations and enhances workflow coherence.

Broad Connectivity with External System Integration

Designed for interoperability, VISION Portal facilitates integration with external systems like Medit, expanding its utility and flexibility for users.

Personalized Setups and Direct Technician Communication

The "Assign to SoftSmile" service allows users to order custom setups directly from SoftSmile's expert technicians while ensuring customer preferences are thoroughly considered. Continuous communication with technicians guarantees prompt attention to any specific requirements or queries, significantly improving service quality.

Efficient and Secure Data Management

The VISION Portal offers a centralized solution for storing, managing, and accessing data securely. With strict security measures in place, the protection of sensitive patient information is guaranteed.

Simplified Customization with Automatic Company-specific Settings

Future updates of the Portal will implement the automatic application of company-specific settings whenever a user opens a case, simplifying the customization process. This feature is designed to ensure consistency in operations and facilitate seamless user interaction with the platform.

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