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NY Based Tech Company SoftSmile Unveils New & Improved AI-driven Orthodontic Software, VISION at the 97th Greater New York Dental Meeting

by SoftSmile Team in Dec 01 2021

NEW YORKDec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 28th December 1st, SoftSmile exhibited their upgraded version of VISION, elevating its capabilities to an unprecedented level of convenience for doctors and manufacturers, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). 

SoftSmile's AI powered software, VISION is an end-to-end treatment planner made by doctors for doctors, which was first introduced in May 2020 at the Annual Meeting of American Association of Orthodontists. This innovative, user-friendly interface provides doctors the ability to create precise aligner treatment plans in-house which are then further developed using advanced 3-D printing technologies

SoftSmile shined at GNYDM as they announced the updated version of VISION and provided an in-person demonstration of its latest improvements including:

  • Intuitive and comprehensive staging which includes:
    • Automatic IPR
    • Group Movement
    • Full flexibility for the treatment strategy
  • Automated treatment planner based on actual real-time stress calculation and biomechanical principles.
  • Web viewer, editor, and distributed managing system facilitating cooperation among doctors, technicians, manufacturers, and patients.
  • Postprocessing now includes automated cutting lines generation.
  • Self-learning and automated segmentation.

VISION's software is powered by AI, which generates key aspects of a treatment plan. Self-learning algorithms automate the time-consuming processes and facilitate the final setup of aligned teeth based on orthodontic measurements, allowing for the industry's most precise software for modelling a digitally optimized treatment plan. Over one hundred of the most acclaimed orthodontists from around the world have tested the technology developed by the SoftSmile team.

"Working with Vision is a game-changer for ODL in the growing aligner industry. The software bridges the gap between treatment planning and manufacturing in a way that was unachievable prior. The AI-based software connects our processes in a way that no other software offers. The SoftSmile team possesses a forward-thinking ingenuity in the software space, and I am overly excited to see what the team has in store," said Michael Wright, President, and CEO of ODL Orthodontic Lab.

The advancements in dental technology will shape the future of orthodontic practices and how they service patients. With innovative AI integration, VISION is set to be a leader in changing the way smiles are perfected one patient at a time.

SoftSmile has experienced tremendous growth since they first launched in late-2019. Their team has grown from three co-founders to forty skilled professionals, who work globally for the tech company. During the last year alone, SoftSmile was granted over twenty-five new US patents. Pending FDA 510(k) premarket notification, SoftSmile is focused on working with established aligners manufacturers and have secured partnerships with several leading dental companies. The next stage will be working directly with doctors. 

"We are excited to introduce to the market all our latest innovations that we've implemented in VISION. The pandemic slowed our go-to-market plans, so we decided to focus on additional improvements. Today, VISION is the best digital solution for manufacturers and doctors, it encompasses all the features that doctors have long wished for and creates a friendly and intuitive environment for aligners treatment planning," said Khamzat Asabaev, Founder and CEO. "The future of orthodontics is bright and the SoftSmile team is working tirelessly to make aligner treatments affordable, to give doctors more flexibility in choosing the strategy and deliver more beautiful smiles to the world."