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Jun 17 2024

How SoftSmile is Incorporating Advanced AI and Machine Learning Into Its Digital Treatment Planning Software VISION

Jun 12 2024

SoftSmile is now in Poland

Jun 07 2024

SoftSmile is now operating in India

May 31 2024

Treatment Planning Capabilities & Functionalities

Nov 08 2022

The True Cost of Clear Aligner “Confidence”

I remember sitting in my orthodontist’s office when I was 11 years old dreading the pending embarrassment of getting metal braces. As I waited for the orthodontist, I looked up at an Invisalign ad in the exam room featuring a pretty blonde girl playing soccer. She looked happy and comfortable in her own skin even though she was wearing braces

by Zoe Barnstone
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Nov 02 2022
Tech and Innovations

When beauty met algorithms: Digital treatment planning platform

Origin Story:  SoftSmile’s Founder & CEO, Khamzat Asabaev, didn’t know very much about the orthodontic sector when his friend, a young orthodontist, came to him with the idea of creating an orthodontic lab. With very few resources this doctor utilized 3D printing to begin making aligners in-house at a low cost to himself and hi

by Zoe Barnstone
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Sep 28 2022

Working from home, without feeling alone

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, countless articles have been published about the challenges of remote work. A recent New York Times article recounts the tales of white-collar workers becoming disillusioned with their jobs due to the inability to form strong personal attachments with coworkers they’ve only ever met via Zoom. But

by Zoe Barnstone
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May 11 2022

How all of this started

It is a big day for SoftSmile - we have revealed our unique software for orthodontics at the first-ever AAO virtual session and got coverage in the leading business and industry media. On the wave of this success, I'd like to tell you a story that inspired us to create SoftSmile. This journey started many years ago when a young orthodontist, decide

by Khamzat Asabaev
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