Orthero Chooses VISION by SoftSmile as Treatment Planning Partner

by SoftSmile Team in May 14 2024

The SoftSmile team is proud to announce that Orthero, a global medical device company specializing in orthodontic clear aligners, has chosen VISION for clear aligner treatment planning.

VISION’s advanced 3D clear aligner technology combined with  Orthero’s orthodontic expertise and engineering methods will bring thousands of patients brighter, more beautiful smiles.

SoftSmile & Orthero:

VISION by SoftSmile is trusted by over 30 aligner brands and more than 1000 doctors to deliver state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment planning for optimal patient outcomes. Orthero has delivered new smiles to over 60,000 satisfied customers across more than 20 countries. Orthero and SoftSmile’s expertise and technological advancements result in an ideal solution for orthodontists and their patients. 

Orthero’s collaboration with VISION by SoftSmile will elevate its digital workflow to new heights by empowering orthodontists to refine their treatment plans using VISION’s cutting-edge AI-based 3D tools. VISION's advanced AI capabilities provide orthodontists with many advantages, including seamless treatment plan modification and a deeper understanding of clinical protocols, ultimately leading to more powerful treatment plans.

clear aligner technology

This enhanced understanding of doctors' protocols reduces the need for plan revisions and expedites treatment planning. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of VISION simplifies the planning process, making it more efficient and accessible than ever before.

The Power of Orthero x VISION by SoftSmile: 

Orthero revolutionizes and increases access to orthodontic care by utilizing state-of-the-art 3D printers and distributed production methods. Each case sent to the Orthero center undergoes a meticulous 3D orthodontic treatment plan crafted with VISION software by their skilled orthodontists.

VISION by SoftSmile combines advanced functionality and aesthetics. VISION’s unmatched performance is based on advanced mathematics and geometric principles presented in state-of-the-art visualization. It delivers a new approach to teeth restoration, gingiva movement, and automated segmentation, improving accuracy during treatment planning.

Orthero is the world's fastest aligner company with a rapid starter kit complete with attachment templates and the initial two stages, all shipped the next day after order confirmation. Othero’s clear aligners surpass competitors' clarity thanks to their high-resolution 3D printing technology. With this advanced printing method, Orthero aligners boast smoother surfaces, reducing additive manufacturing lines that can harbor bacteria and minimizing discoloration over time.

clear aligner technology

Orthero and VISION’s technology vastly improves treatment plan predictability for cases requiring auto-rotation, in which the real hinge axis is precisely set and the mandible is rotated. Auto-rotation from the hinge axis yields the most accurate results, preventing sagittal axis deviations of virtual jumps.

Poised to Make An Impact:

By choosing VISION, Orthero is well-equipped to give more patients the confident smile they rightfully deserve by empowering orthodontists with cutting-edge 3D technologies, streamlined production processes, and artificial intelligence.

VISION and Orthero are poised to make significant strides in orthodontics together, benefiting orthodontists and their patients.