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How Does VISION’s UX/UI Set It Apart From the Competition

by Zara Grigoryan in Jul 14 2023

The availability of digital treatment planning has created the need for advanced orthodontic solutions to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies. VISION, the treatment planning software by SoftSmile, possesses a beautiful and intuitive user interface and flexible integration options for doctors, labs, and small enterprises. 

We spoke with Zara Grigoryan, who is a Business Analyst at SoftSmile about the UX/UI experience that sets VISION apart from the competition.

How did video gaming technology become the basis for VISION?

On VISION we work with treated objects and we require convenient and flexible tools for distinctly treated content and everything needed to work with it. So the current solution provides us with libraries and frameworks.

How important is the visual look of VISION and what are the benefits of that to the UX/UI?

The visual look of VISION  is highly important and plays a crucial role in the overall user experience and user interface of the product. I can say, the first one, is user engagement. A visually appealing interface grabs the user's attention and encourages them to engage with the product. I think when users find the visual design well-crafted, they are more likely to explore and interact with the features and functionalities of VISION. 

The second one, I think this is the brand perception, the visual look of VISION contributes to the overall brand perception and positioning. This positively influences the perception of the brand and brings confidence to users regarding the reliability and credibility of VISION. 

How does the VISION UX/UI experience set VISION apart from other treatment planning software?

I want to mention the user-friendly experience. The thoughtful use of colors, typography, and layout helps in guiding users through the product, making it easier for them to understand how to navigate and use the features.

Finally, by positioning VISION as the market leader we can differentiate ourselves from competitors in this crowded market of orthodontic software. A visually stunning and user-friendly interface sets VISION apart, attracting users who prioritize a visually pleasant experience and who appreciate the attention to design details.

SoftSmile is notable for having an all-woman product development team. What has it been like to work on an all-woman team in the tech space?

I think that working as a woman in the tech field, especially in SoftSmile is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. While there is the thought that the tech industry historically has been male dominated, I can say that it is changing. There are advantages to working as a woman in the tech industry; embracing our skills and knowledge, supporting one another, and networking opportunities. I also take advantage of mentorship opportunities working with the talented developers within our SoftSmile team.

Zara serves as the Business Analyst at SoftSmile and is responsible for serving as a bridge between key stakeholders and the product team implementing updates to the VISION treatment software.

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