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Innovative Tech Company SoftSmile Makes First Public Appearance at AAO in Miami and Introduces SupraVISION

by SoftSmile Team in May 18 2022

NEW YORKMay 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 21st- 24thSoftSmile will make its first public appearance at AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) Annual Session in Miami Beach, Florida. After exhibiting the demo version at the event virtually two years ago, the SoftSmile team is excited to not only attend this important event in person, but also to announce (i) the limited commercial launch and (ii) present their upcoming streaming-powered platform with expanded access capabilities, called SupraVISION.

SupraVISION is a proprietary web viewer and editor that makes access to the treatment planning software more accessible to a broader audience by the following:

  • Providing access to review and submit feedback on treatment plans from anywhere through a web browser.
  • Ability to modify treatment plans through a browser using a convenient set of tools.
  • Independence from user hardware – you can now use any device (even a tablet) to access the full range of high-end functionality.
  • No compromising on complex calculations and high visual fidelity even in the browser.

SupraVision closes the gap needed to par SoftSmile's services with industry market leaders. SoftSmile is one of the very few players on the market who can offer a sophisticated web-based editor for doctors that facilitates the overall experience and enhances the interaction among doctors, manufacturers, and patients.

Since SoftSmile first introduced VISION two years ago, the company has achieved significant progress in technology development as well as growth within the business, most importantly with their recent FDA 510(k) Clearance. The company has added breakthrough features to VISION including automated segmentation and staging and introduced unparalleled levels of visualization and aesthetics. SoftSmile team is preparing the CBCT module and other innovations that will be introduced over the next quarter.

"We have built SoftSmile with a mission to make orthodontics affordable and accessible to more people through innovation and science. Our end-to-end treatment planner, VISION, helps to treat complex cases with ease and unprecedented efficiency. In order to accomplish this, we applied geometric concepts developed centuries ago. VISION is proof that an interdisciplinary approach makes it possible to achieve breakthrough results while employing solutions widespread in the other sectors," says CEO, Khamzat Asabaev. "The same is true for SupraVISION. We learned from gamers how to ensure high-quality access to the most intricate software from any part of the world without compromising functionality or speed. SoftSmile is a company committed to broadening the horizon of orthodontics while combining the daring innovations and widespread solutions from industries beyond medical science. We are proud to present our team and innovations to the AAO guests."