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Working on the Frontline of the Orthodontic Treatment Planning Revolution

by Zara Grigoryan in Jun 30 2023

The availability of digital treatment planning software is quickly increasing the efficiency of orthodontic treatment and improving patient outcomes. VISION, the treatment planning software by SoftSmile, possesses a beautiful and intuitive user interface and flexible integration options for doctors, labs, and small enterprises. 

We spoke with Zara Grigoryan, who is a business analyst and a member of the product development team at SoftSmile about her background and her experience helping to develop and update the VISION software. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have a background in Economics and worked for the Central Bank of Romania. One of the aspects that sets me apart is my ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages: I am fluent in Armenian, Russian, English, and French, which allows me to connect with a diverse range of people and cultures. Outside of my work, I have a passion for abstract painting. It serves as a form of relaxation and self-expression for me.  During the winter I enjoy skiing which provides a sense of freedom that makes it one of my favorite winter activities. Above all I want to say that I truly love my job and I'm constantly seeking opportunities to grow and improve my role in SoftSmile.

How did you end up working for SoftSmile and what is your job with the company?

I had a background in the banking industry, but I reached a point where I decided to make a career transition and enter the IT Sphere. It was hard. But thanks to my previous experience, and to my soft skills and result-oriented character, I became a business analyst. When the opportunity arose to join SoftSmile, I saw it as a really challenging project. While I was initially unfamiliar with the medical field, I decided to take this opportunity. Now as a business analyst at SoftSmile, I closely collaborate with stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements. I closely work with the development team serving as a bridge between stakeholders and the technical implementation of the project. Moreover, I'm also working as a bridge between the marketing team and the product team. I'm really grateful for this opportunity to contribute to SoftSmile's success and I'm committed to leveraging my skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results and drive the company forward.

What do you like best about your job?

I can say that I enjoy my work for several reasons. First and foremost, the challenging and engaging nature of my work keeps me always motivated and excited. Every day presents new opportunities for growth and learning, which I find incredibly fulfilling. Moreover, knowing that my work has a positive impact on others is deeply rewarding for me. So being able to make a difference in people's lives is something meaningful for me. I also enjoy working with talented individuals at SoftSmile, sharing ideas and collectively working towards a common goal helps to create a dynamic and supportive environment.

What has been one of the challenges you faced with developing VISION and how did you manage it?

As someone with a background outside of medicine, understanding the medical and technical aspects of the domain was really initially daunting. To overcome this challenge, I took a proactive approach. I lost myself in extensive research, studying relevant medical literature, and consulting with subject matter experts within the company. Additionally, I actively collaborated closely with our experienced members and members of the VISION product team. Their expertise and insights were invaluable in bridging the knowledge gap and accelerating my learning process.

Zara serves as the Business Analyst at SoftSmile and is responsible for serving as a bridge between key stakeholders and the product team implementing updates to the VISION treatment software

Now is an exciting time for advanced digital orthodontics, which can help you plan more precise treatment plans and provide quicker results for your patients. Contact us to learn more or to set up a demo.

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