Tech and Innovations

The Future of Dentistry Has Arrived

by Cynthia Sutherland/Wardah Awan in May 11 2022

If you had metal braces when you were younger, then you probably remember an unpleasant, jelly-like substance that was used to help make impressions of your teeth. All that has changed and now with the advantages of 3D printing, orthodontists can scan your teeth and mouth and convert the images into digital files which are used to develop a customized treatment plan and then develop and design aligners that are 3D printed and manufactured specifically for each patient. This makes aligners and 3D printers the technology that will disrupt the way orthodontics is practiced. 

The growth of technology like intraoral scanners, software and 3D printing has given orthodontists more precise control of tooth movement and allows quicker appliance manufacturing which saves New technology that is scalable and efficient.

The goal of new technology like treatment planning software VISION -- developed by SoftSmile -- is to reduce the number of patient visits, improve the efficiency and cost of treatment, and develop a fully digital workflow, which will enable orthodontists to reach new levels of efficiency without sacrificing quality or comfort.

When combined with advanced 3D printing technology, VISION can create custom treatments for every patient. Our orthodontic 3D software will allow dentists to avoid ill-fitting brackets, manual bonding, and unnecessarily lengthy treatments.

3D printing can also streamline the way dentists process and manufacture aligners because it utilizes preset algorithms in treatment software. With VISION, you can manufacture in-house using any 3D printer. Considering VISION is compatible with all 3D printers in the market, it offers a lot of scalable options.