How all of this started

by Khamzat Asabaev in May 11 2022

It is a big day for SoftSmile - we have revealed our unique software for orthodontics at the first-ever AAO virtual session and got coverage in the leading business and industry media.

On the wave of this success, I'd like to tell you a story that inspired us to create SoftSmile.

This journey started many years ago when a young orthodontist, decided to move back to his small hometown after graduation and start his own orthodontic practice. Quite soon, he realized that almost no one in his city could afford aligners or lingual braces. The cost of orthodontics for a patient can be very expensive and for the majority of people this price was prohibitive.

Our doctor did not give up. Instead, he decided to learn mechanics and engineering and start experimenting with making lingual braces on his own. He got all his savings, borrowed from friends, and acquired a 3D printer. This allowed him to start experimenting with the in-house production of aligners. It happened ten years ago - he is among pioneers of printing aligners in-house!

He excelled in manufacturing and started treating people with his own braces and aligners. He dramatically decreased the cost of orthodontics  for patients and significantly grew his practice. He soon became the leading orthodontist in the country with thousands of patients, making many people very happy by changing their smiles and often changing their lives for the better.

He, and every other doctor who devoted their lives to helping people, inspired us to create SoftSmile. In essence, SoftSmile is an orthodontic software solution that assists doctors in taking back control over treatment by allowing them the freedom to choose their own treatment strategy, and ultimately making cost the least concern for both doctors and patients.

Today we are excited to be featured by AAO, leading media, and got praise from the acclaimed orthodontists. It has been a long journey that encompassed years of engineering, coding, testing, and an unbreakable will to transform the orthodontic practice.

It is time to shine now. We started getting requests for our digital platform from all around the world and confident that we can relegate the existing solutions - the orthodontics will be affordable and predictable as never before.

But all of this would not be possible if one doctor, many years ago, did not foresee a future where doctors would be independent from the manufacturers and able to choose how to treat the patients on their own how.  Discover how SoftSmile's cutting edge digital orthodontics software can transform every aspect of how an orthodontist communicates and treats their patients with our specialized software solution. Contact us to learn more today.

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