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Letters from CEO

SoftSmile State of the Union

by Khamzat Asabaev in Mar 05 2024

SoftSmile has just marked its 4th birthday. As I reflect on our successes and growth over these past few years, I am immensely proud of the collective efforts of our brilliant team and the unwavering support from our partners. 

Our treatment planning software, VISION, has been used to treat thousands of patient cases and earned accolades for its groundbreaking AI and innovative features. We currently have over 30 aligner brands using VISION to grow their business and over 75 U.S. patents backing our orthodontic technology. The strides we've made in orthodontic treatment planning technology have set new industry standards. 

But we aren’t done yet; in fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface. I am excited to share our next major developments that will shape our business model.

Dr. Vision

For over three years, the SoftSmile team has been polishing VISION by incorporating feedback from leading aligners’ brands, experts, and doctors. We made it so powerful that our customers report saving over 80% time in preparing a case and a substantial decrease in the number of refinements. Some of the biggest names in the industry are now using VISION, but there is still more to do because our mission is broader. We exist to make aligner treatment affordable and accessible for more patients around the globe. While VISION is an ideal solution for enterprises and aligners brands as it helps to scale manufacturing and make thousands of cases seamlessly, we still have to get closer to doctors.

We know that most sole practitioners today have to work with inferior software solutions. For too long we were limiting VISION only to industrial players and kept it out of the chairside practice. We are now expanding our solution.

We are proud to introduce Dr. Vision: the new version of the software designed specifically for sole practitioners who want to run treatment planning in-house. It is the first time we have introduced unlimited capability to sole practices. This will make VISION’s superb features and capabilities available to more practices.

SoftSmile Design and Production

Our commitment to excellence continues beyond cutting-edge software. In the past year, we started testing two additional tenets of our business: treatment planning design and aligners production. The pilot program went very well, and we are now ready to move to the new stage: full service.

Recognizing that not every doctor may have the time or expertise to design treatment plans using our software, our customers have the power and flexibility to decide what they need from SoftSmile. 

With the VISION Portal and Viewer, a doctor can simply upload STL scans to our portal and choose 1) to make their own setup with VISION’s comprehensive toolkit; 2) to utilize SoftSmile’s setup design services with their final approval or modification; 3) to select SoftSmile’s aligners production.

The VISION Portal has empowered orthodontists around the globe to effortlessly manage patient cases with their teams, fostering collaboration and communication. We understand that every orthodontic practice is unique, and our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of our valued clients. 

Now, through the Portal, anyone can choose what they want from VISION software, design, or production of aligners.

VISIONary Club

For customers who want full immersion, we have created The VISIONary Club, a membership program that provides customization of the VISION Viewer and Portal (yes, you will now have your logo within the Viewer and Portal) and significant benefits for users of VISION and Design services. 

You will see more from us on each of these new products and initiatives. Stay tuned.

Looking forward, our goals for the upcoming years are ambitious yet they are just another step to build what SoftSmie is supposed to be. We aim to expand our market reach and deliver the best orthodontic treatment to a broader audience. 

Innovation and care will remain the foundation of SoftSmile. Our team will continue to amaze, exploring new frontiers and refining VISION to make orthodontic treatment more reliable and accessible. You will see breakthrough functions released soon.

To experience the power of VISION yourself, please request a free demo.