SoftSmile partners with leading intraoral scanning company Medit

by SoftSmile Team in Feb 14 2024

The SoftSmile team recently announced a partnership with Medit, a global leader in Intraoral Scanning (IOS).  Medit delivers advanced 3D digital solutions tailored for dental labs and clinics. Medit’s flagship products are intraoral scanners which are renowned for their precision, ease of use, and speed. The integration of Medit’s state-of-the-art scanning technology with SoftSmile’s VISION workflow will give doctors access to advanced graphics and improved diagnosis and precision in their treatment planning. 

One of Medit’s offerings for their users is ‘Medit Link’, an open-source system and cloud storage solution designed to support a patient-centric digital workflow in the field of dentistry. This platform not only offers efficient cloud storage but also facilitates straightforward sharing of cases and scan data. Moreover, Medit Link enables seamless software integration, streamlining processes for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Khamzat Asabaev the Founder & CEO of SoftSmile said of the partnership with Medit: “The integration between our advanced solutions will increase the efficiency of dental practices that offer aligner treatments by making seamless workflows possible.”

VISION and its accompanying treatment planning infrastructure including a WebPortal and WebViewer provide an all-in-one platform for managing clear aligner cases. The flexibility and versatility of VISION allow doctors to easily implement digital workflows. By taking back control of their aligner workflows, doctors can increase the efficiency of their practice and lower costs for patients without reducing the quality of care.

In a series of simple steps, doctors can upload patient scans to the VISION Web Portal, design and/or approve their treatment strategies, and then request fabrication from any provider they wish. Doctors can also easily share treatment plans with their team via the Web Viewer and patients to improve communication and case acceptance. 

The integration between Medit and VISION allows users to easily access the patient scans stored in Medit’s cloud. In the past, users had to download the scans and then upload them into the Web Portal. Now, users can simply select the “Connect to MeditLink” option when uploading scans to the portal:

  • Scans taken with Medit’s intraoral scanners are automatically uploaded to Meditlink which can then be accessed via the VISION portal

SoftSmile partners with Medit_01.webp

  • Users of VISION can easily import scans from MeditLink when setting up a case in the portal 

SoftSmile partners with Medit_02.webp

  • Users will be prompted to log into their MeditLink account and then select from the list of scans/cases that auto-populates in the VISION portal

SoftSmile partners with Medit_03.webp

MEDIT and SoftSmile are at the forefront of digital dentistry. Both companies focus on bringing innovative solutions to the market and they provide customers with all the tools they need to command accurate, reliable, and efficient treatment for their patients.

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