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The Next Big Thing in Orthodontic Digital Workflows

by SoftSmile Team in Jun 30 2024

Across many industries, companies and their customers are increasingly opting for digital experiences. You can do anything from ordering groceries to checking in for a flight on any device. In healthcare settings, tedious registration paperwork and appointment scheduling processes have all been digitized, in addition to more telehealth options to speak to your doctor without ever leaving your home. 

The latest advancements in orthodontics, such as remote monitoring and innovative AI diagnostic tools, have opened new avenues for applying digital technology. 

These advancements indicate that the future of orthodontics is in digital practice workflows and patient experiences. Orthodontists employ digital solutions to optimize patient scans, case and practice management, treatment plan design, and aligner production. AI-powered digital solutions can increase case volume (and revenue) without hiring more personnel and spending additional resources. 

There are some key considerations doctors and their staff should make before selecting digital solutions for their practice:  

Communication Between Doctors, their Staff and Patients: 

Case management platforms such as the VISION Portal enable seamless communication with patients and more efficient collaboration across teams. Improve the treatment experience for all stakeholders by ensuring they are well-informed and engaged. 

Patients want to understand their aligner treatment and visualize their results. With the advanced WebViewer feature, treatment plans can be shared directly with patients from any device with one click.

The "Assign to SoftSmile" service allows doctors to order custom setups directly from SoftSmile's expert technicians. Doctors can choose SoftSmile or another third party to handle aligner production or print aligners in-house. The Portal facilitates continuous communication with technicians throughout the process to guarantee prompt attention to specific requirements or queries, significantly improving service quality.

Orthodontic Digital Workflows_01.webp

Ease of Implementation 

It can be a costly and lengthy process to overhaul an existing workflow. Save time and resources by employing a flexible digital solution, such as the VISION Portal, which is tailored to your business needs and requires no additional equipment and simple onboarding and training. 

VISION Portal is customizable and streamlines operational efficiency with detailed user roles and permissions. Create a tailored and efficient clear aligner production by assigning steps of your workflow to appropriate team members and controlling case statuses. The platform ensures a personalized management experience with quick and effective adjustments to meet business needs.

VISION Portal ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow with seamless integration to the entire product suite, including VISION, DFA, and WebViewer. This integration facilitates streamlined operations and enhances workflow coherence.

Orthodontic Digital Workflows_02.webp

VISION Portal facilitates integration with external systems like Medit and Laser Aligner Cutter (LAC) for increased interoperability, utility, and flexibility.

VISION Portal updates will soon implement the automatic application of company-specific settings whenever a user opens a case, simplifying the customization process. This feature ensures consistency in operations and facilitates seamless user interaction with the platform.

Data Protection

Digital solutions for orthodontics and other healthcare industries must take great care to protect data. VISION Portal offers a centralized solution for storing, managing, and accessing data securely. Strict security measures protect sensitive patient information, emphasizing the platform's dedication to data security.

Precision in Diagnostics for Patient Outcomes 

The Portal is a powerful case management and orthodontic treatment planning tool with built-in access to some of VISION’s advanced diagnostic tools. Users gain exclusive access to cutting-edge diagnostic tools such as CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), Matching capabilities, and Automated T-Marks scheduled for future release. These innovative tools are essential for increasing the accuracy of diagnostics and optimizing treatment planning.

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