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VISION's UX/UI: Precision & Aesthetics

by Marina Kuzina & SoftSmile Team in Aug 31 2023

The availability of digital treatment planning software is quickly increasing the efficiency of orthodontic treatment and improving patient outcomes. VISION, the treatment planning software by SoftSmile, possesses a beautiful and intuitive user interface and flexible integration options for doctors, labs, and small enterprises. 

We spoke with Marina Kuzina, who is a member of the product development team at SoftSmile about the UX/UI experience that sets VISION apart from the competition.

How did video gaming technology become the basis for VISION?

Video gaming technology was only a technical solution to help with the development of VISION.

From the business side, we needed a powerful, high-precision, and progressive solution to work with 3D medical data. The technical team, having these introductory notes, investigated the issue and chose video gaming technology as a base. This solution has convenient flexible tools for displaying 3D and everything that is required to work with it, many libraries and frameworks

How important is the visual look of VISION and what are the benefits of that to the UX/UI?

First of all, we must understand that the work of orthodontists is unique. They help patients achieve a perfect smile. The tool that does this should be distinguished by a special aesthetic. In addition, the doctor or technician should be able to quickly understand how to do some special activities for the treatment, for example, how to extract a tooth, and how to separate different types of movements. Those principles formed the basis of our UI/UX we wanted to be aesthetically pleasing, and fast.

How does the VISION UX/UI experience set VISION apart from other treatment planning software?

Many currently available solutions are made convenient, but mainly for programmers, and not for doctors. VISION is software for doctors, so we carefully analyze the feedback of each user of our system and take it into account in further development. We build for doctors, by doctors.

SoftSmile is notable for having an all-woman product development team. What has it been like to work on an all-woman team in the tech space?

In fact, we have a distributed team, we have both women and men, and I feel absolutely comfortable in this. Historically, there have been more men in technical teams, we live outside of such prejudices, in SoftSmile each person is valued for his professional and personal qualities. Our team has achieved synergy and everyone can rely on each other.

Marina serves as the Product Owner at SoftSmile and is responsible for managing, overseeing, and implementing updates to the VISION, the best orthodontic software on the market.. Contact us with any questions or to request a demo.

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