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Artificial Intelligence Technology in Dentistry - The Great Differentiator

by Cynthia Sutherland/Wardah Awan in Oct 19 2022

There are often challenges that medical professionals face when looking for ways to reduce time and costs as it relates to dental processes and services. In our modern times, the benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) for orthodontic treatment planning has proven to be advantageous in reducing time which in turn becomes more cost efficient for physicians and their practices

Let us explore some of the ways in which AI technology can be beneficial. 

  • Eliminating Third Party Service Companies - Utilizing AI internally, you can take control of the services that a third-party company would provide which will eliminate hefty costs. 
  • Improves workflow - In-house staff familiar with a patient’s case can directly manage and direct the case directly to improve the workflow.
  • Shorter Appointment Times - The reduced time in discovery and diagnosis as well as reducing if not eliminating altogether, the dependency on outside laboratories, will result in the ability to increase patient in-take for your practice. 

Orthodontic technology companies such as SoftSmile have set out to be a leader in the industry with our breakthrough software, VISION. Our software was designed to include the insight and expertise of dentists, ensuring that the information provided is geometrically accurate, based on tissue biology, biomechanical principles, and tooth anatomy. Most importantly the patient is satisfied because they can view their plan before treatment, keeping them informed of the process. A happy patient equals a profitable practice!

This type of technology will also prove to be cost effective to the patient in the long term. By diagnosing interceptive treatment options early, patients who otherwise would be unaware of treatment for minor corrections initially, will save on the cost of more extensive treatment options later in life. 

Modern technology gives the power back to the physician to better operate their business. They can decide case-by-case to use various specialized orthodontic procedures to increase efficiency and decrease overall time and cost, giving the patient more corrective options to choose from with visual support.  In addition to saving dental professionals time and effort, advantages of AI in dentistry helps patients get the same high-quality treatments in a fraction of the time. This process makes patient counseling easier when explaining difficult surgical procedures and helps justify costs with a visual representation of the stages needed for treatment planning. Let AI lead your practice successfully into the modern age of dentistry and you will see growth beyond measure.