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SoftSmile is now in Poland

by SoftSmile Team in Jun 12 2024

SoftSmile is sincerely happy to be a part of the growing orthodontic community of Poland through our partners from Once Aligner. It is a fast-growing aligners brand that brings accuracy and perfect smiles to the Polish market. Filip Dziedzic and his team managed to combine deep knowledge, clinical expertise, aesthetics, and sincere fun to make aligners efficient and affordable. We are proud of this collaboration.

Our work with Once Aligner and other similar brands around the globe also reflects SoftSmile's vision and strategy. For a very long time, patients had almost no choice but just one brand to get aligners. Today, we see the growth of local brands. Our VISION and Portal give doctors and new aligner brands the best fighting chance to compete with the establishment. The more providers can ensure highly accurate and reliable treatment, the better for patients — our ultimate customer.

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