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Treatment Planning Capabilities & Functionalities

by SoftSmile Team in May 31 2024

VISION’s unique capabilities and functionality set it apart from other digital treatment planning products. Our dedicated team of engineers and product managers is regularly in touch with our customers to answer questions. Our team takes requests for changes and improvements seriously to continually meet the needs of doctors, aligner producers, and the patients they serve.

Below is a Q&A based on frequently asked questions we have received from clients that provide answers about VISION’s capabilities and functionalities. 


Q: Can case revision be done in real-time in VISION?

A: The VISION doctor-facing application allows doctors to make changes to cases. If there is a need to make revisions once a doctor or technician has shared a treatment plan with a lab, they need to connect to discuss how to update the treatment plan.

Q: Can users alter mechanics according to clinical considerations on a case-by-case basis?

A: In the AI-driven Treatment Planning Application  (VISION), velocity, speed, and additional intermediate teeth movements can be utilized. However, in the Doctor-Facing application, these functions are not available

Q: Is it possible to create multiple setups for the same patient, for example, an extraction plan and a non-extraction plan?

A: Yes, it is possible. You can create different treatment plans, including plans with and without extraction.

Additionally, we plan to expand these capabilities soon by adding a feature for alternative treatment plans, to provide even more options for tailored treatment approaches for each case.

Q: How do I get access to this software to edit the treatment plan?

A: You can schedule a personalized demo with our product expert here. Additionally, you can test a limited version of VISION as long as you’d like.  

Q: Does VISION work on a Mac? 

A: Currently VISION treatment planning software is not yet optimized for Mac but certain parts of VISION work on any device with internet access including the VISION WebPortal and WebViewer. 

Q: Can you copy and paste the attachments? Can users import their attachments and auxiliaries? 

A: It is possible to copy and paste attachments with VISION and it is possible to use your own library to import your own attachments, pontics, and auxiliaries. 

Q: Is there a charge for a refinement plan done on a new scan for a patient already registered and planned on VISION?

A: No, users are only charged when a case is exported. 

For more information about SoftSmile or VISION or to request a demo, please contact us here.

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