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Building Orthodontic Treatment Planning Solutions

by Marina Kuzina & SoftSmile in Aug 14 2023

The availability of digital treatment planning software is quickly increasing the efficiency of orthodontic treatment options and improving patient outcomes. VISION, the treatment planning software by SoftSmile, possesses a beautiful and intuitive user interface and flexible integration options for doctors, labs, and small enterprises. 

We spoke with Marina Kuzina, who is a member of the product development team at SoftSmile about her background and her experience helping to develop and update the VISION software. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a programming engineer by education and I have defended two dissertations on data analysis and machine learning algorithms, also I'm experienced in banking and telecom systems, and especially in AI. I speak three languages and I am studying a fourth right now, which I’m constantly using at SoftSmile. I used to be a basketball player and at one time I dreamed of becoming a surgeon.

How did you end up working for SoftSmile and what is your job with the company?

In 2019 when I joined the company I already had five years of experience as a business analyst. At the moment, I'm performing the role of a product owner. I work with our current clients, with potential clients, and with the development team on all our products. I'm responsible for product strategy based on SoftSmile’s and on our client’s needs and I'm also responsible for releases and features and their requirements.

What do you like best about your job?

I am most proud of how VISION makes the work of doctors, technicians, and labs easier, and faster. I like the fact that my two passions, AI and medicine have united in VISION. I also love working with our existing clients and potential new ones. I like that we communicate with people from all over the world who share the same goals. I believe that by working together we will be able to take the orthodontic industry to a new level.

What has been one of the challenges you faced with developing VISION and how did you manage it

For now, the biggest challenge is keeping our upcoming product developments a secret because sometimes I really want to tell the whole world what awaits them. 

Marina serves as the Product Owner at SoftSmile and is responsible for managing, overseeing, and implementing updates to the VISION treatment software. Contact us with any questions or to request a demo.

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